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Can't change gain in piaware-config.txt after system update && upgrade

I was running an SD-image based piaware instance. Just to make a system update & upgrade, I entered sudo apt-get update && upgrade and answered (probably with no sufficient understanding) “yes” to a question regarding the way to upgrade of dump-fa to 3.8.1. Can’t recall the question exactly but the result is now I am not able to control gain via /boot/piaware-config.txt. Instead of that, I have to modify /etc/default/dump1090-fa in order to be able to control gain.

Any ideas how to revert to the situation gain is controlled via /boot/piaware-config.txt?

Try sudo apt-get install piaware-release. This is the top level metapackage that depends on all the components needed for a sdcard install.

Probably piaware-support got uninstalled somewhere along the way. “apt-get upgrade” can make suboptimal upgrade decisions; “dist-upgrade” aka “full-upgrade” works better, or you can specifically upgrade only the piaware components of a piaware sdcard by “sudo apt-get install piaware-release” (this is what an upgrade triggered via the stats page does)

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