PiAware 3.3.0 - fa_config_generator/dump1090 question

I’m attempting to mess around with the dump1090 receiver options, ( e.g. --phase-enhance --oversample ) and I cannot seem to find any particular method for doing so. Updating /etc/default/dump1090-fa does nothing, even after applying chmod 444 to the file. It says that it’s generated by fa_config_generator but I cannot seem to locate anything for that. I understand we can set gain/ppm in piaware.conf or /boot/piaware-config.txt but I don’t seem to be able to find anything else past those two specific options.

Am I just oblivious here or not understanding something?

See /usr/lib/piaware-support/generate-receiver-config

Neither --phase-enhance nor --oversample do anything in dump1090-fa, FWIW (they are effectively always on)

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Ahhh, well. I guess that answers that. I appreciate the information man!