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HTOP shows different to piaware-config

Trying some different settings I tweaked the gain on my Pi, if I issue the following;

sudo piaware-config -show rtlsdr-gain

it results as 25.4 - which is what I set it to.

The top line of HTOP though shows /usr/bin/dump1090-fa –gain -10

I’m guessing the piaware-config is just reading a config file somewhere and this may not have been used by piaware.

It seems dump1090-fa reads settings from /etc/default/dump1090-fa file, altered the gain setting in this file and all works fine.

My set up is Raspian Stretch with PiAware installed using apt-get install


piaware-config only affects dump1090-fa on the piaware sd-card.

I believe piaware will still restart dump1090-fa though when there haven’t been any data for long enough.

A problem I’ve found with differing Linux distros in the past, same programs, different config file locations.

All seems fine now.


The piaware sd-card is not a Linux distribution.

Having a notification from piaware-config that the setting won’t do anything would be nice.

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For Beginners: How to Change / Set Gain

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