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Campbell, CA WHAT was that immensly loud aircraft?

In the Bay Area, Campbell, CA about 7:35pm an immensely loud and pressure-filled sounded …jet perhaps… flew over the house towards Moffett Field/SF/North. I’m dying to know what it was I finally ran out because it just got more and more immense! and I only caught the TAIL END!! Dark gray…it’s sound carried on bludgeoning the atmosphere and our ears from miles away… how do I found out what it was?

You can go replay the tracking, whenever you heard it on this site.
Might find something about it.

Gray? Maybe military- if so, that won’t show up on public flight tracking for some reason/
Just the tail? Did it have a pole with a Vee on the end out the back? If so, that would be the refueling boom on something like a KC-10. Huge? Could be a C-5 or C-17.
just noodling

AN-124? Coulda sworn I saw thread somewhere here that had a link to a Ruslan tracking group.

We had another of those massively loud jets go over tonight around 9pm. I could see the lights as it slowly descended, but it was too dark to make out the shape. I listened to C-5 jets on YouTube but they have more of a whine. The sound I heard tonight was much more of a jet roar, but extremely loud and undulating like the pilot was gunning throttle off and on (atmospheric effect?)

When I first heard the sound a few weeks ago I thought there was a crash of some sort, it was that alarming.

Sounds like some type of military fighter type jet.

From Wikipedia

Moffett Federal Airfield has occasional air traffic, with an average of 5-10 flights landing per day. Moffett is regularly used by the California Air National Guard, NASA, Lockheed Martin Space Systems (commercial satellite manufacturer), the Google founders for their private planes, the Santa Clara County Shedfef’s Department for their helicopter STAR 1, and Air Force One during presidential visits to the Bay Area.

NASA still has a few fighter types in their inventory, (not many) and I know they still use T-38’s. Any of them visiting Ames would be much louder than you are used to. Not to mention the occasional U-2.

Old JT-3 engined aircraft like the DC-8 and B707 without hushkits could really thunder.

I still remember Air New Zealand DC-8-53s lifting off at Wellington before the days of hushkits and they rattled windows.

B727, DC-9-*… any of them can really, really “bark” if they haven’t been stage-3’d…