Shadow passing under me.

I was at 11,500 heading for home passing very near and south of R-2515 (Edwards AFB). I could see this large shadow in my 10:00 low coming right at me. At first I thought it was the shadow of a heavy above cast on to the ground but the shadow was clearly defined and not transparent. It took a couple of seconds but as it got closer I could make out the silhouette A very black U2 passed directly under me. That was a first!

I didn’t have time for a picture but two of my friends were on the same frequency. I can hear it now; “Yea right, I was a crow”.

Joshia, 01B. The traffic that just passed under me. Was that a U2? (I knew it was)

*Joshia, 01B. The traffic that just passed under me. Was that a U2? *
It took almost a minute.
*01B affirmative. *
My sighting was confirmed!

Frank Holbert

Not my picture but it looked like this one.

There’s a lot of neat aircraft flying in that area. Same area, a couple years ago:

Joshua: Five five victor, traffic is a B2 heavy eleven moving ten o’clock four miles, will pass behind you.
me looking, see nothing
Me: Looking, confirm that’s a stealth bomber, five five victor.
Joshua: Affirm.
wtf, how are you supposed to see a stealth bomber?
30 seconds pass
B-2 banks for a turn, giant black triangle appears in the sky
Me: B2 heavy in sight, five five victor.

If you ever talk to a U2 pilot ask to see his “coin”. If he shows you you’ll know he’s a U2 pilot

My dad used to teach at Mojave High School. I used to go out there with him when I was home from college and just watch to see what was going over Mojave from Edwards. Great place to watch the shuttle come in as well (if you can’t get through the line to get into Edwards for the actual landing).

Prior to Sept. 11, 2001, the Mojave Airport was open for people to walk the ramp. There was a sign at the office that stated all were welcome, but they ask that no one enter any buildings or climb on the aircraft. I saw Darrell Grennamyer old F104 that he crashed there in the desert when he couldn’t ge the landing down.

For those of you who have never landed at a real Space Port, you aren’t poop.

Would this count for not poop? :stuck_out_tongue:


So I guess that means that those who HAVE landed at one ARE poop? :unamused:

I guess anyone can call them self a Space Port. Tell me, when was their last Space Shot?

48U…Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport.

Most flights are headed to another part of the Galaxy. Only some flights begin & end at GGR-IGSP (48U). :wink:

It’s on my list, for the same reason I went to CarHenge in Alliance NE (KAIA).

Then it was a TR-1, the U-2s big brother. :wink:

It was likely a test bird out of Palmdale (U-2 depot).

I was in a T-38 shooting the HI-ILS into Palmdale and had a similar experience… only the aircraft was Predator being chased by a C-172! It’s amazing what you’ll see in that airspace.

And hear on the radio. I once heard two different aircraft report out of 80,000. Sounded like someone level 55,000 was being vectored for an intercept.

I’ve had traffic called to me as a 747. But when it got closer it was the triple tailed shuttle carrier.

I saw this C-5 one day, what’s up with that?

B-2’s used to be pretty common operating around the plant. My wife spent 12 years on the B-2 project.

Then there is that Cessna that crashed into the restaurant…

Looks like a test probe.

Boy, that was a lot of help…

Be more specific with your question if you want a more helpful answer. I didn’t know if you knew it was a test probe.

Don’t say you saw the aircraft “one day” - give a specific day or at least narrow the time period down. Where was the aircraft? At least mention that you knew it was a test probe on the aircraft.

Ask a stupid question…

Probably related to the Avionics Modernization Program, installing a new "glass"cockpit in the aircraft.

You mean they are making C-5’s as good as a Skyhawk?