call out yesterday's flights.


I’m looking at: (as an example, might have changed by the time you see this). I was curious which flights out of LGA were way delayed/late, so I looked at the ‘Scheduled departures’, but when I pulled up this flight, it threw me for a loop because it said ‘Arrived!’. I looked a little closer and noticed that the Date: did indeed say Wednesday and below it in the table it did say ‘Scheduled’ as well.

I seem to recall that the track info said ‘Arrived weeks ago’ or something like that. Can we get it to say ‘Arrived yesterday’ or ‘Arrived 5h4m ago’ so that it’s clear which one flight we’re looking at?


The flight info box will always have information about the most recent departure, and never about future flights (those are only listed in the Activity log).
But since we already have to check how long ago the arrival was, changing it to give them time since arrival would be pretty easy. I’ll add that to the to-do list.


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