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Looking for historical flight arrival time


Hello all,

First time posting so please be kind! I am looking for the time my flight arrived in 2015 and cannot find where to search anywhere. I have the basic membership but can upgrade if required. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I apologise if this has been asked a zillion times, but a quick search of the FAQ and threads didn’t resolve my q.



Bump could use some help please.


You can try contacting Flight Aware by email using this address: contact@flightaware.com, but I guess that it will not be cheap.

Write the flightnumber and date and I can try to dig the Internet to see if I can help.


Thanks! It was AC 865 LHR to YOW through YUL (Via AC8975) Dec 22 2015, scheduled arrival time was 17:53.

I thought that 3 months data was available with the basic membership but perhaps I need to upgrade.

I appreciate your help.