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Arrival time means landed or when you get to arrivals gate?

Hi everyone.

I’m tracking flight number JJ8084 from Sao Paulo to London Heathrow.

Flight Aware estimates an arrival at 03:03PM and google widget says 02:45PM. In the case of flight aware, does it indicate when the plane is landed or does it include the time to pick up the luggage and make the passport control?

Problem is my girlfriend is in that flight and I’ve booked a taxi for her for 14:20 to take her from Heathrow to Gatwick airport to pick another flight. If she is not with the driver before 03:10PM she’s going to miss the Gatwick flight (leaving at 05:20PM) and she will have to stay in Heathrow and open a complaint with the company for the delay, so they can provide another flight.

So if 03:03PM is actually landing time I think I’m going to cancel the taxi booking as she definetly won’t be able to leave the plane, pick the luggage and go through passport control in 10 minutes. It will take at least half an hour, won’t it?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Sorry for the delayed response. We show departures and arrival times as “wheels up” and “wheels down” times. So we do display the times as the actual times that the aircraft takes off or lands, and not by the gate times.