Bug - Airline Name listing doesn't popup


For some reason, the airline name lisiting doesn’t popup as I start typing an airline name using my office laptop PC. It works fine on my home PC. Can someone suggest a solution?


Make sure you’re trying to access it from the main home page. Doesn’t always work from the discussion pages.


It does not work from the Main home page.


Click on the “Live Tracking” link in the upper left of the page, and then try typing in the airline…



It still doesn’t work. I get an error message saying I must select an airline from the box below the search form. That’s not possible when a box doesn’t pop up.


What operating system and Web browser are you using?


Windows XP Professional and Internet Explorer 7.


That’s what I’m using - it works for me…
Try deleting your browser cache?


Seems to work for me… also IE7 and XP pro



I deleted the temporary internet files, cookies, and form data. It still doesn’t work but I appreciate your time on this.


Could it be related to a popup blocker? shrug Just grasping at straws now…


I made popups okay from flightaware.com and it still didn’t resolve the problem.


Have you disabled (or installed any 3rd party tools that would disable) Javascript?


Java is enabled. I notice when I start typing the airline name, an “error on page” shows in the bottom left of the page.


Not sure if it makes a difference, but my box pops up above and to the right of the input forms. There is also a “webpage cannot be displayed” error below the forms where the advertisement usually is.


Thanks for your diligence on this. I’ll have my IT people take a look at it.


If possible, let us know the resolution so we can put the resolution in our bag of tricks for when the next person runs into this problem.



Will do.


Traveler2’s IT dept… “That is a problem and we are looking into it…”