Airline name feature not working


I noticed yesterday that the feature that allows one to type a partial airline name until it is recognized (on Track Commercial Flight query) doesn’t work while on the Discussions page. (There’s got to be a catchy name for that feature but I’m drawing a blank!) IE status bar shows “Error on page” while typing.

Works fine while viewing other pages, at least the ones I tried. Do you suppose this might be why a few people have said it doesn’t work right? A page-specific error?


Poke around the forums (which I know you read :slight_smile: ) and you’ll see a few other threads about this. It appears to be a javascript “security feature” of your browser since discussions has it’s own subdomain. We’re looking into ways to circumvent it on all browsers.


Yeah, it’s lame. We have some workarounds in mind. I imagine it hasn’t worked for a long time although there’s been a flurry of discussion about it lately.

The problem began when we switched from to completely separate the forum from our production flight tracking network.


I DID read the others (You knew that! :slight_smile: ) and saw the stuff about javascript, but then apparently overlooked that is was specific to Discussions since it was further down the thread (see, NOW I look!). I was thinking that they were complaning that it was global for the whole site. Guess that’s what I get for not double checking. Actually I only briefly scanned them since I saw you and dbaker mention making sure javascript was enabled, and I knew mine worked, and so it must not apply to me, and VIEW NEXT TOPIC- get back to the flying stuff! Who’d have thought I had to actually read ALL the replies!