Airline window not popping up


I am using Firefox and have disabled pop up blocking. However, when I try to track an airline flight, it doesn’t accept “Continental” (or anything else), and tells me to select an airline from a list below the search, but there are no lists. Same problem with other functions, like finding an airport identified. This used to work. Any suggestions? :confused:


Enable pop-up blocking for the FlightAware site.


If I “enable” pop up blocking, isn’t it the case that I cerainly won’t get the pop up info I need? I had disabled the blocking (for all sites) when I found that the pop up menu wasn’t opening. :frowning:


Sorry - misread what you said. I thought you had popup blocking enabled. :frowning:

Please note that the popup with the airline names will not show up if you are trying to access it from the forum. It will working on the actual tracking pages.


sorry, it doesn’t (and I have been using this for years with no prior problem).

I am on main page, start to type in CONTINENTAL for an airline or MEMPHIS for a city, and nothing shows up.

Interestingly enough, I just tried to do it with IE7 and it worked. So it seems to be a Firefox problem.


I’m using Firefox.

Did you scroll up to see if the pop-up box was there? I noticed it tends to show up near the top of the screen, regardless of window size.


Sometimes when an airline window pops up it’s a bad thing.


A few people have been reporting this sporadically for the last couple weeks, but we’re unable to reproduce it.


FWIW, in the last two weeks there was an IE and a Firefox update.


Nope, it’s nowhere on the screen On IE it isn’t where it is supposed to be, it is slightly up and to the right. I have the latest Firefox 2 updates and have resisted 3 because of prior problems with it.



I’ve been using Firefox3 since it came out - no problems.