Blue Streak 436 deaprted KHSV about 1115 AM and returned about 1145 after taking a bird strike to the cockpit glass shattering it and getting glass into the cockpit,unknown on any injuries,RESCUE 2 from Airport Fire and Rescue met them and followed them to the gate to check on the pilots.


What operator has the call sign of Blue Streak?


Bet the crew wound up with a brown streak!!

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PSA Airline


Link, aircraft type or more info will be appreciated.



That bird must have been pretty high. The flight history shows the flight at 27,000 ft, but that can’t be true because it was at 14,000 the previous minute. 15,000 would be a good bet.


Looks like they were just cleared to FL270 but only ~15,000 when it happened.


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What the hell kind of birds are found that high up?

Thermalling ones, naturally…but for what purpose?

Like the view? 8)


Maybe it wasn’t a bird!


Gary in Pennsylvania
What the hell kind of birds are found that high up?

Apparently some migratory birds cruise up to 20,000 ft, and Whooper Swans have been found up to 29,000 feet (not to be confused with their more rotund relatives, the Whopper Swans). I’ve tried hiking at 16,000 and was sucking wind-- I imagine those birds must be panting pretty heavily at those altitudes.

Info from … _Fast.html



Thanks volcano!


The article didn’t really discuss take off or landing distance but they all seem to have STOL capability and many of them seem to have very efficient amphibious capabilities, without any extra weight. What next, winglets?


Shows the flight time as 30 minutes…and the flight to CLT is typically 55 minutes or so.

Wonder why they just didn’t keep on to CLT as it seems they could have been there just as fast and the maintenance and emergency facilities are probably superior?


Company policy, I would imagine. From the radar track, it doesn’t look like they got very far outside Huntsville, anyway. Besides, KHSV has a nice 12,600’ runway and is ARFF Index C equipped. If I were on that plane, I’d want the flight crew to worry about getting us on the ground safely; not how long or complicated the repair might be… :open_mouth: :slight_smile:


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