Biman Bangladesh Airlines A310 nose gear collaspse on video.

LiveLeak video security camera captures Biman Airbus A310 S2-ADE abort takeoff with a collasped nose gear. Incident happened on March 12/07 at Dubai Airport with 236 persons on board, with the aircraft receiving substantial damage.

That is a pretty crazy video. Never heard about the incident though. Was everyone alright?

I can’t believe this would happen. Biman has such an advanced maintenance program [/sarcasm]

12 March 2007 0630Local Dubai UAE, Nosewhee collapsed at speed on takeoff on 12L causing an abort and closing the airport for 8 hours. Fourteen person were listed as injured. A Landing Cathy B747-300 freighter from Frankfurt had just shed a tire, next aircraft on the runway was Bimini BG006, which is believed to have hit debris.