Airbus looking for a place to hide because the 787 is making first flight tomorrow.

Guess that pilot is trying to get in a little deer hunting.

Where was that taken frank?

Those are the guys that ran out of gas over the pond after 9/11.

Galeao - Antonio C. Jobim Intl Airport - Rio de Janerio Dec 13/09

An Air Transat Airbus A310-300 registration C-GTSF had completed a C-Check in Rio de Janeiro,RJ (Brazil) and was undergoing a ground run, when the airplane jumped the chocks, travelled across the tarmac, went across a road, both wings hitting lamp standards and both engines hitting trees before the airplane came to a stop on soft, forested ground. No injuries occured.

The Canadian TSB reported, that the airplane received damages to the leading edge slats of both wings from impact with the lamp standards, the engine nose cowls received damages from hitting the trees, the main landing gear bogies received damages and the nose gear was embedded in soft ground and is likely damaged, too.


Sounds somewhat like the Saudi Airbus A340 that was destroyed on the ground in Toulouse. The crew had pulled some circuit breakers to silence an alarm (RA?), and that set in motion a series of events that had the computers giving full throttle.

FlightAware Thread A340 F-WWCJ

I notice the nice Gulfstream in the video above,(video in my previous post) very fortunate the didn’t collide with any other aircraft (especially the new Gulfstream!!).