VIDEO Colgan Air Q400 loses wheel on landing at KBUF

Caught on VIDEO a Colgan Air Q400 lost a wheel on landing at KBUF this past Tuesday … 60296.html


Wow, that’s pretty amazing

I’d call it amazing and interesting but not terrifying. Okay, maybe for a moment or two but once I realized the other tire was staying on I’d get over my terror.

I kept waiting for the other tire to fail! :open_mouth:

Good advertising video for Goodyear, Michelin, whomever.

I’d like to bring up the issue of the videographer using a portable electronic device during landing.

That only makes engines fall off, not wheels! :wink:

Exactly what I was thinking. As I watched the video I was thinking also of how weird it was that there was video of the incident in Denmark. I think with all the foamers (no offense, although I don’t often video, I could easily be called one too) that have cameras and the You Tube type websites, we’ll have much more accident/disaster footage.
You Tube has so many Dash 8 (not just the Q400, but the 100-200-300 series) videos and many of them are of the mains on t/o and landing.

That is a fact, and few know that the engine actually “stalls” right before, that’s how you know it’s coming off. In the Dash 8’s case the wheels will fall off, since they’re part of the engine.

Wasn’t it AZav8r that said portable electronic devices cause tail-plane stalls? :smiling_imp:

A Colgan Q400 from Newark to Buffalo…

Man, if I ever have to go from EWR to BUF, I’m driving!

Is there an engine on the tail too? If it’s not an engine how would it stall? :unamused: What’s a tailplane? An airplane that has the tail in front and the wings in back and looks like a big ugly catfish?

HOLLY BALLS! is this true? cause we have all kind of gadgets on during take-off and landing!
Honestly they need to do a better job at CAE Simuflite. They never told us about this and we never practiced recoveries from an inadvertent cell phone use below 10,000.

Quite possible the only indication the crew had was an anti-skid warning light or possibly a hot brake light on the #4 if the -8 has that indication. I taxied a G1 in one day and wondered why the ground crew was pointing and laughing. Turned out we had a flat tire.

Good point about woeful training. I’ll have to bring up the inadvertent use of cell phones below 10,000 feet the next time I’m in training.

I was thinking of the guy landing behind them.

Well, the detection systems aren’t in wide use yet, I’ve heard the new Garmin 4265 suite will have a Cell Phone annunciator, and auto reconnect of the cables to all control surfaces so you don’t have to reconnect them yourself like you did in the old days, god I hated that, all the pulleys, . Word on the street is that the surfer TCAS guy is doing the voice on this as well…CELL PHONE WOOP WOOP CELL PHONE

I’ve called all of the training providers that I know of, and the question I have is where does one go to learn how to fly one of dem dare “bomb-ba-deer” flyin contraptions? Preferably one dat da weels dont fall off. :confused:

Most of these are Bombardiers, they fly very well and the wheels hardly ever fall off! :wink:

Just the riders fall off occasionally… :smiley:

And when we were kids, who coulda thunk that sledding could get any more fun.

As a city kid we had few hills to climb when it snowed, but we skijored behind every car, bus, truck etc. we could grab onto as it sped past, something we’d also do in the summertime with our skates on.

The rides were usually sedate and short, but now and again a driver would catch sight of us clinging to his bumper and decide to give us a ride to remember, or teach us a lesson by sending us to the emergency room, and would floor it.

I was never able to duplicate that rush on snow again until years later when I got the chance to ride some seriously fast sleds!

I used to ride sleds back in IA in my younger days. I lived in the city, but you didn’t have to go too far to get out of town. A friend’s family had a serious acreage. Some days were spent carving through the trees in a wooded area. Others were just flat out haulin’ ass across a field or down a gravel road after a fresh snowfall. We used to catch a little air jumping ditches.

A few years ago on a trip to DRO, we took some sleds onto FS land around the Mill Creek/Engineer Mtn. area north of town. Absolutey gorgeous country at a 10K plus elevation. At one point I decided to go off trail a little. Big mistake… Unlike my sled days back in IA, I quickly found myself getting a several hundred pound machine buried in 5 feet of mixed snow. :blush: