BREAKING NEWS - Dash 8 Crash in Buffalo

Just breaking on Buffalo news stations - a Dash 8 operated by Continental has crashed in Clarence Center. It is believed that 50 passengers on board - pictures show lots of fire. The flight was enroute from Newark to Buffalo - crashed on approach to Buffalo Intl

Here is the flight track for the plane that crashed in Buffalo over an hour ago (still no report on CNN???)

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FAA confirms 48 passengers on board - no word on injuries / fatalities.

CNN is now covering the story live

Permanent link: … /KEWR/KBUF

Obviously, there were fatalities. Two known injuries on the ground

Tragic news; The Buffalo News website is just NOW stating that there were **49 Fatalities **

METAR for 9:54 PM EST:
KBUF 130254Z 24015G22KT 3SM -SN BR FEW011 BKN021 OVC027 01/M01 A2979 RMK AO2 SLP097 P0001 60004 T00061006 51015

There is also a report that they had mechanical troubles. Not very good weather either.

Video taken shortly after the crash

- YouTube)

my condolences to all who were involved

Here is a recording of ATC communication. You can hear the female pilot of colgan 3407 starting at about 3:50 into the tape … -0300Z.mp3

Fox is reporting that it was a Bombardier ExpressJet. To my knowledge, CoEx doesn’t use props anymore. Dunno about Colgan though.

That’s correct, Expressjet does not fly turboprops, Colgan however does and codeshares w/ CO and uses the Q400s. So it is a Continental Connection flight.

reg was N200WQ

I don’t understand where the news reports are saying they reported MX problems. They called back to approach after being handed off to tower and then that was it.

and the Tower said aircraft was at the marker and then gone.

Further to my post above if you listen to the recording:

at 17 minutes into recording ATC looses contact with a/c

at 20 minutes into recording ATC calls for ground search in Clarence Center

Also after this point, in communications with other incoming flights various pilots report problems with icing

in the 31 min area DL indicates a small fluctuation in the LOC a 1 dot deflection, at 1500 ft but that’s well inside the LOM and doesn’t seem to be anything that would contribute.

Really sucks, we’ve had such a good record airlinewise, not that I’m concerned about the record, just the fact that it’s been going so good. Sad to lose fellow aviators, and pax.

Listening to the audio ATC about 25 minutes into it, there is alot of PIREPS on rime ice, one aircraft reports half-inch,but then corrects himself to say quarter-inch. the timing is about 10 minutes after lost contact.

…could be a factor.

Clarence Center is 6 mi. off approach end of rwy 23, they were over the mrkr and cleared for the aprch.

I wouldn’t want to be that captain on Delta 1998 flying the approach after an aircraft goes down. I just can’t imagine what was going through his mind.

I’ve heard nothing about mechanical problems, it sounds more like icing will be one of the main factors. I’ll be waiting on the probable cause as according to ICAO regs, the probable cause can not be wx.

Continental’s most dreaded flight number is scheduled to leave IAH shortly. COA9999 is reserved for the accident response “Go Team”.

Or the captain of the USAir “Cactus” flight who flew over the localizer and reported what he saw, which was obviously the huge fireball at the time.

The plane is less than a year old. Certified 4/08.