Billing cycle not resetting



It seems that my billing cycle has not been reset at the end of May, so I busted my requests and now I can’t make any more request. Can you fix that please?

FlightXML3 Plan: Bronze
Auto-Upgrade: Off
Monthly Query Limit: 2.500
Queries Used: 2.508
Queries Left: -8
Billing Date: 31st of the month

My last successful query was on 2018-06-04


Same here. I dropped my account down to the Starter+ plan prior to the 14th, my cycle date, but it didn’t reset once the 14th passed.

Auto-Upgrade: Off
Monthly Query Limit: 1,000
Queries Used: 2,501
Queries Left: -1,501
Billing Date: 14th of the month


A ticket has been filed regarding this not resetting. Will be in touch soon.


Guys, we are in this situation since 11 days! We pay your service monthly and we continue to pay it event if we can’t access any data. It need it to be fixed ASAP, please!

Give me a temporary account or something like that, we need to move and make it works…