FlightXML billing: max monthly budget?

Is there a way to set a maximum monthly budget for FlightXML usage? I’m eager to have some kind of safeguard in place for our company’s usage of the API. Billing is currently enabled for our account, but I see no way to limit the charges.

Thanks in advance!

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Billing limits/concerns are expected to be enforced by the key holder/client software.

We’re focused on providing a high availability service and we’re very hesitant about cutting users off due to billing related issues.

Not quite the answer I was hoping for, but point taken. Other high availability providers (e.g. Google) still have ways of limiting API billing charges.

Any chance you guys at FlightAware have changed your mind and added this feature?

FlightXML 3 uses a tiered subscription model. Unless auto-upgrade is enabled it will enforce the the tier limit by no longer returning query results once the plan limit for the billing period has been met.