Bill Clinton's flight from North Korea

Does anyone know the tail number on the BBJ Bill Clinton is coming back from North Korea on?

It will be a SAM (Special Air Mission) flight. Being military FlightAware won’t track it.

Just heard Ryan Seacrest Sr say it was flying into Burbank in the morning.

I don’t think its a SAM. Looked like a plain white 737 w/ silver stripe and no eyebrows. Evil regimes don’t usually allow our military to land there. Some of the news I saw tonight said they were flying to LA area and making a fuel stop. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stop in Hawaii for a physical too (seems to be protocol for these cases). They might switch to a military flight at some point too.

Nice work! N2121 is blocked owned by SHANGRI LA ENTERTAINMENT LLC aka Steve Bing. I think we’ve previously discussed this plane, its owner and Bill Clinton’s alleged activities aboard this plane.

I missed the memo. Fill me in?



A whole bunch of info on N2121 here:

Good point.

Looks like it’s based in Burbank and the women live in LA. My money is on Burbank.

Details of the Steve Bing/Bill Clinton/Ron Burkle connection are on Gawker here:

Bill Clinton Runs With a Bad Crowd

So while the North Koreans might not admit a military jet, Kim Jong-Il is no doubt more than willing to admit a rich guy’s party plane, because that fits his self-image.

Which is a fair trade for the freedom of these two young women, but it is what it is – a James Bond moment.


Would like to add the caption to the top photo, in my best Bill Clinton voice:
“Ladies welcome aboard, care for a cigar?” OR "Now just so we are all clear on this, my wife is miles away and I got you free…let me just tell you freedom comes with a price tag :wink: " OR “Care for a Mikes Hard Lemonade” The flight is then met by Chris Hanson and a Dateline crew on arr. DAMN I am still tired :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:


The Chris Hanson angle is hilarious. You should send that to SNL.

ok…got it

I’ve heard of this airplane being called “Air F*** One” when Bubba is on board.

I heard that he had a humidor installed since Clinton uses the plane so much!