BFL - Veteran Pilots, Goss and Ballard Killed in AT-6 Crash

Oh, the pictures… this is just tragic… God Bless them and their grieving families. :cry: :cry:

A witness said, “I just didn’t think it was a crop duster, but it went really low to the ground,”

“Then it lifted up and it looked like it went up too fast and too quickly,” she said. “It looked like it was trying to go to the left to go north and then it just slipped backwards and went into the ground. I saw two balls of fire, smoke and dust.”

I knew Al and had the pleasure of flying with him when I was younger. He was always fun to be around and was one of the guys I got to hang out with at Reno that always made sure a kid was involved (as much as he could be) and was always teaching. He will be missed.

That’s very sad. Cliche’ as it may be… At least they died doing something they loved.