Beta question


I am greatly enjoying the Beta map. But could you explain “auto-zoom/declutter”? I don’t see that. The other described features were fairly transparent. Also, would it be possible to activate weather on the beta map? The CID map show a vigorous low system that blew through here about a month ago. Thanks, Jan (near CID)


See the second part of the 4th post (posted by mduell) in this thread


Okay, so “auto-zoom/de-clutter” were not, in fact, implemented in the beta tryout announcement of 20 June. And whatever weather was on the map, will stay on the map (for current weather see a regular map). I wondered, because everything else was working. Zooming in or out and separating interfering icons on the map (which suppress ID’s) would be nice. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Jan


Both autozoom and declutter are (and have been) operating on the beta site.

Autozoom scales the map to cover all the aircraft/airports. For example doesn’t go much farther west than the Mississippi River.

Declutter means that not all the airport tags are shown (when there’s not room for them). Declutter is already active on the production site for aircraft tags.

Weather on the beta site is, uh, beta. :slight_smile: Some of the beta mapservers may be showing old weather and some are current.


Thanks for the concise explanation, MDuell! Now I understand what I am looking at. -Jan