best aircraft for cargo/pax


have contract in Europe for cargo flights about 60 hours in month.Also additional passengers flights.I need cheap aircraft with (as possible :confused: ) small operation cost,and quick change model from cargo to pax.

My future aircraft must carry about 2 tones of goods to maximum 3 tones of goods.

Ps:any information about Operation cost for Jetstream 31, Casa 212 ,Embrier Baidernate will be nice too(also if you have price of overhaul -engines,checks A,B,C,D ,hours checks and what contents of services are?.


Gee… Didn’t I just read this in the “General Aviation” forum? Yes, I know I did! I didn’t think it belonged in THAT forum either. It CERTAINLY doesn’t belong in the GENERAL forum!


This sounds like the con where someone has aircraft parts for sell or wishes to purchase aircraft parts.

What time of aircraft can carry 2 tones? Is it one with a jet engine (one tone) and a piston engine (another tone)? I guess three tones would be the previous plus a turboprop engine. (In case someone didn’t get it, the poster meant “tonnes,” which is the British way of spellng “tons.”

Like I said, this sounds like a con to me.


Ah Dave, Dave, Dave.

I would tend to believe that English is not the OP’s native language.

When you’re conversant enough in his or her native language to make a post to an onliine Forum, THEN you get to cast aspersions!


I hope Dave learns languages quickly, I just love good Aspersion theatre! Not enough on the telly, I say.


My point is that if this was a legitimate request he would not have so many errors in his posting, regardless of his native language. In other words, he would have someone who could translate properly (both spelling and grammar) from his native tongue to the tongue of English.

As another example, even if English isn’t his native tongue, the word is still EMBRAER, not Embrier and, regardless of the language, the word is “Bandeirante,” not “Baidernate.”


thanks for lesson in grammar and spelling…

you can help or you can continue scaning my words???

ps:You must know that we are not all born with English.I dont have intention to argue about foolish things. by…

Ps2: if you want i can show you my language ,and than you will see what is difficult language…


Giving you the benefit of the doubt that your request is legitimate then I have a suggestion for you. You should get somebody to translate from your language to English exactly what you want. English is the official language of aviation.


You would need to define cheap. Cheap to acquire or operate? Could you give us a little more info about the mission? Distances and frequency of ops? Type of passengers (laborers, soldiers, or CEO’s makes a difference).

I hear the Spanish are looking to sell some older Casa’s, but these are not good for most PAX operations because they are not pressurized.

Older Beech 1800’s can be a good deal over all.


Geez - give the guy a break! I think his English is pretty good - he conveyed his thoughts so that we were able to understand what he was asking and the fact that he is using English instead of finding a translator shows that he wants to improve it as well.


No, I won’t give the guy a break. His English is poor. He has inconsistent capitalization, bad punctuation, and bad grammar. Example: It’s small operating cost, not operation cost; it’s Embraer, not Embrier; and it’s tonnes, not tones.

If this is legitimate, he would be well advised to write properly.


It’s a ritual here on FA. You’re not a member until you get corrected for your grammar.


Here’s my question: who gives a contract for 60 flight hours a month to someone who doesn’t even have a plane?!?!?


A very stupid person or a very greedy one.


US Govt!


Wow I’ve never seen such a tangent of miniscule discussion for such a simple question!!! Sounds like some of you should be junior high grammer teachers instead of aviation professionals. I know people all day long that aquire contracts before they have an aircraft.

To provide feedback to the gentleman’s question, we operate Fairchild Metroliners which are capable of carrying up to 5,500# with a large cabin volume, and speeds up to 290kts. You can have as many as 19 pax seats or any combination with quick change overs. As far as operating costs 100gal/hr, 80/hr eng res., 5-10K/ A,B,C,D check. The Fairchild holds a record for 3000 consecutive departures with 100% dispatch rate, I know of some planes with 70K+hrs but most have 20-30Khrs. Parts are readily available, you just need an experienced mechanic/s and flight crew. Purchase prices range from 600k-1.2M.

Good luck.


You must have been one of those guys offended. Just trying to provide feedback to a question rather than spend my time criticising others.


Hey, I, and many others, never claimed to be aviation professionals. Many of us are intelligent aviation enthusiasts.


I don’t offend very easily - I have a tough hide. Still, your first comment sounds a lot like criticism to me… Maybe some of us SHOULD be grammar teachers while others should have listened to their elementary grammar teachers.


beech 18,but 80 gallons an hour of 100LL,
shorts 330 or 360 would be good,