cargo/passeneger a/c


what is your opinion about Jetstream 31
Casa 212
Embrier Baidernate

I have contract in Europe for cargo flights about 60 hours in month.Also aditonal passanger flights.I need cheap aircraft with (as posibble) small operation cost,and quick change model from cargo to pax.

My future aircraft must carry at least 2 tones of goods.

Ps:any information about Operation cost for this 3 aircraft (with price of overhaul -engines)will be nice too.

I replied in the other thread as well.

I would be willing to give you a bit more info, but I actually get paid a lot of money to solve these problems. I suggest you hire someone like me that is familiar with operations in your part of the world. In North America, you could expect to pay over $30,000 US to have someone help you get just the right plane for this type of mission. The process often takes months.