MMUM Issues?


I’ve heard rumors that MMUN is giving charter operators a hard time over there. Anyone heard anything?


Is this in reference to landing permits?

I’ve heard the days of the last minute charter landing permits are gone, and the 24 hour PPR requirement is being strictly enforced. This issue was brought up on a planned trip I had to Cabo in December.


The days of paying the commandant under the table for a single use 135 permit are over.
I’ve been there several times in the last few months as an air ambulance and have had no problems as my company has a permit to land in Mexico as a charter.
The last company I worked for did not have a permit and I was forced to argue each flight with the commandant over the price which was anywhere from $200-$500 each flight.
Use Colt international for handling.


Copy that. We had an issue where we went down to pick up passengers and since we were not the same a/c and/or operator that brought the passengers down there, we were denied.

Also took us 2.5 hours to get gas and get out of dodge.


We get annual authorization as a commercial operator in Mexico and Canada to avoid the issues. Also work through a handler for Mexico and we have not had any problems with even less than 5hrs PPR and PAX changes.


If you know the right people you can still get an authorization on short notice.