Beechcraft Factory Airport -- an Observtion

The Beechcraft factory in Wichita KS has its own airport [KBEC].

While looking at the airport activity log, I noticed a number of flights are aircraft with a “TN”-series tail number. Each of those planes shows the operator as “Congo- Brazzaville”. Are they perhaps new planes in flight test destined for Africa? I’m just curious.

That’s sort of a bug on multiple levels. T is the aircraft’s prefix and stands for “Air Taxi” – it’s a part 135 operator that doesn’t have their own prefix yet (e.g., OPT for Flight Options).

Update (3-Nov-2005): I should add that we have had a bug open for this issue for a little while.

I have been trying to figure out why TN8474, a C208 makes a daily trip KHTS/ KPKB (79 NM) in West Virginia and is called CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE! That answers that mystery!

Aha, that answers a few questions in my mind, too!

I was wondering what Congo-Brazzaville was doing in West Virginia! :laughing: