French Air Force KMCI!?

While flying through KMCI (Kansas City Intl) I saw a rather bizarre sight…not only an a340, but a French Air Force aircraft in the middle of Missouri, US. I have photos of my own but reg. is F-RAJB, so you can go see her if you like. it was parked at gate 90, the international heavy stand.

I know FlightAware doesn’t track military ops, wondering if it might have shown up as a civillian callsign…I tried the tail no., no luck.

My question is the obvious one: any idea what a french air force A342 would be doing in Kansas City?? I thought maybe a sale, but there’s no airline based thereabouts that might want such a large aircraft…

It could be some type of a trade mission or perhaps some group from their military came to do some training at Hallmark.

Maybe transporting some to Ft Riley. MCI maybe only field close enough to take a A342. I think MCI is where most going to Ft Riley fly into anyhow. Say a lot of soldiers there when i was there past November

They made a visit to teach the antiwar movement in MO how to wave a white flag.

After following the Chiefs and the Royals for so long, I doubt Missouri needs any help with surrender.

If the flights are not blocked, than it would be using FAF as the ICAO code. I have seen the odd FAF flight, but it is rare .

The Belgium Air Force ( ICAO BAF ) flies quite regularly to North America, with many of the A300 and C130 flights visible on FA.

Alternatively it could be transporting high ranking officers to the military command school in Ft. Leavenworth. That school trains officers from all over the world.


There is only one reason a Frenchman would to go to KC - ribs.

F-RAJB A340 departing Bejing.

French Air Force ICAO is CTM, callsign ‘Cotam’.

FAF Force Aerienne Francaise FRENCH AIR FORCE France ( from wikipedia )

c’est la mme chose?

I’m not getting into a discussion or argument over it. The French Air Force planes (A340s, C130s, C160s, CN235s etc etc) fly as CTMxxxx, period.

Glad you’re not getting into any discussion or argument because it appears you are not right. The codes are FAF (FORCE AERIENNE FRANCAISE) and CTM (COMMANDEMENT DU TRANSPORT AERIEN MILITAIRE FRANCAIS). It appears that the head honcho of the French Air Force flies under one call sign while the rest of the French Air Force flies under another call sign.

FAF: … /3-1-F.htm

CTM: … /3-1-C.htm

It’s odd, the French Military website doesn’t even mention “COMMANDEMENT DU TRANSPORT AERIEN MILITAIRE FRANCAIS”. I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist, but maybe it’s just a term used to file for the ICAO ident.

CDTAMF seems to have the same sense as the American “MILITARY AIRLIFT COMMAND”. I think that relates to logistical support, whereas FAF relates to the French Air Force in general. (Same as USAF vs. MAC)

In the same pages that Dami pointed to, I found a couple of different ICAO prefixes for the rare instances that the USAF uses them (QID and DOD)

I don’t care what your opinion is.

In fear of repeating myself, the French Air Force planes (A340s, C130s, C160s, CN235s etc etc) fly as CTMxxxx.

Which part of that are you having so much difficulty understanding?

I do not care what it is says in your manuals or what your mates told you, I am telling you for 100% fact that those planes fly under CTM identities. PERIOD. Now stop arguing with me when you don’t know what you’re talking about please. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: You armchair CEOs really piss me off. :angry:

Before you go and get all bent and start insulting intelligent people…how about substantiating your statements by kindly providing a basis for your knowledge…This is the internet…you can’t just expect people to believe what you say, just because you say so.

Someone is standing on a soap box.

Robk, example please to back up what you say.

I have seen the FAF ICAO code, but only with flights into French Polynesia. I have yet to see CTM.

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