Beech Bonanza crashes in Charlevoix Michigan killing 2

Pilot and wife killed. Same pilot involved in crash in 2003 which killed his first wife and 2 children.

Tail # N88MN

Flight path: … 35939.html

The story is heart-wrenching and rife with irony. RIP to the doc and his wife and good luck to the son. I wasn’t even aware that he was owner of the local air service (from which I’d taken my solitary flight lesson) until I read the story on the front page of the local paper this morning. Sad.

Quite a story. It made and Really terrible for the 16 year old with no close family now.

How can one look up his first crash? I know he disputed the findings that he ran out of gas. I found a couple of places on private crashes but no luck when I searched from his name.

Previous crash report

Current crash

Preliminary Report:

AHHH The Cat 3 GPS circle to land at 200 agl. that’s a difficult maneuver