BE90 at Mach 4

Man oh man, this 90 got the American Aviation Ram Air Recovery and some other mods, but the owner didn’t expect anything in the range of Mach 4. :laughing:
I know it’s just a small bug because it’s a strange flight plan from MFD to MFD but I thought it was entertaining enough to mention. The owner of 93A thought it was funny, too, because he stated he usually only gets to around M3.5 at 16,000. :laughing: … /KMFD/KMFD


Please learn about ground speed and True airspeed. If that airplane really did mach 4 the plane would be in pieces and the pilot dead.

EDIT- you are reading the data wrong- it shows .45 as a mach number that’s 45% the speed of sound and that number is WRONG cause it’s based off of ground speed and not true airspeed.

Maybe FA takes the TAS filed and uses that GS to come up with that number??

The op was likely referring to the filed speed, 2502 kts.

Removing the egg from my face…

Well, Mark, hows it feel being the only intelligent life form here? :laughing: :unamused: Juust kidding, guys. 8)

After looking at it closer, the flight plan apparently was due from MFD to MFD via the MIE vor, which happens to be in Florida (not where he was going), and the filed wheels up and wheels down where exactly one hour. So FA apparently understood this as an estimated 30mins en route each way, and calculated the speed necessary to fly that route in that time.
And for the record, I understand the difference between TAS, IAS, and GS quite well, thank you. :wink:

Then why would you post that the AC did Mach 4?

Pop quiz what what is the quick math for ISA to TAS

MIE is in Indiana - Muncie, to be exact. It is a VOR located at or near the Muncie airport.

The OP was intended as a joke off the scheduled speed. Do you see where the scheduled speed is 2,502 kts? That’s Mach 4 at 16,000’. I didn’t “post that the AC did Mach 4”.
I know a King Air won’t ever do Mach 1, let alone Mach 4. It was a joke. Haha.

If memory serves, add 2% of IAS for every 1000’?

This is strange, then. Click on the link in the OP, and FlightAware shows the “planned route” dashed blue line to be down to Florida…? What’s the deal?

Dear Lord…I’ve never seen a group get so damned technical about a silly joke. The scheduled speed was 2,502 kts. No air-breathing manned plane is that fast. It’s funny. Laugh.

That’s a tough one. :wink:


Linedude got it right add 2% of IAS for every 1000’?

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Damn Jason that’s twice… C’mon my man. :wink:

Uhmmmmm, Look at the bottom of the MFD where it says “TAS”? Dude, you need to get you some new avionics!

welcome to my world… :unamused:

Butcha got one of dem dare fancy shmancy digital height indicatin’ thinga ma bobs for that RVSM chit…

HOLY CHIT!!! That is funny az!!!

Hey, you’ve got a digital altimeter and an IFR GPS!!! What are you complaining about??? Plus, you get to fly on Christmas day when the skies aren’t crowded. Life is sweet!

Believe me brother, you have my sympathy and respect. I lost count of how many holidays and whatnot I spent in the air. Hope you have a great Christmas day wherever you are!