Bad Weather in New England, interesting flight paths

Hey guys, we’re currently getting some bad weather here in New England and i’ve been checking flightaware to see how it’s affecting airline travel. It’s really cool to see how planes are being redirected around the storm! It’s supposed to be tornado weather, which is practically unheard of around here…

Here’s one routine flight from CYYZ to KBOS which usually takes about an hour, but tonight has been redirected BIG TIME! I certainly wouldn’t want to be cramped on this flight! Tonight it took 2 hours and 6 minutes, more than double the usual amount of time!

Here’s what the flight path usually looks like:

And here’s a departure out of KBOS, you can see how much it’s gone out of its way to get around this storm.

I know this is normal practice considering the storm, but i’ve never tracked one this big! It’s amazing to think how difficult this must have been before advanced radar…

Just thought i’d share!

We had the largest hail I have seen in my 30 some odd years in Keene. It was almost golf ball sized for a period of time. We have a tornado watch until 8pm. Just read on that a tornado hit in Springfield, MA. Very, Very rare for this area.

Those were quite the deviations from normal flight paths.

Yeah, i just saw footage of the tornado in springfield, MA
(just jump to 48 seconds)

- YouTube)

I’m in Smithfield, RI, pretty much in line with the cluster of red that took out Springfield…

I imagine some flights will be cancelled because of this!