ATA Airlines


I miss seeing these planes from ATA Airlines in the skys of Chicago especially the Boeing 757-200 and 757-300


I flew an ATA 707 out of ORD to Orlando in about 1983. What a cool airplane. It was my last flight in a 707. Quite a bumpy ride though, the air sickness bags were being used liberallyA!


Not sure what ATA you are thinking of but ATA/American Trans Air never few 707. L1011, DC-10, 757, 737 and their charter outfit flew 727s around 1983. My parents were members. I flew an Ambassidair trip to Banff/Calgary around that time on on of the three holers.


Ambassadair Air flew 720’s and American Trans Air 707’s:

Reg        Model   MSN/LN        Previous Reg  Used from to  Remarks
N8711E  025       18240/246          D-ACIR   06/74    05/81 MISS INDY
N8790R  048       18043/188          OO-TEB   11/78    05/82 SPIRIT OF INDIANA

N7515A  123B      17642/41                    03/80    12/84 SCR KINGMAN, AZ
N7554A  123B      19185/490                   03/81    12/84 WFU DMAFB, AZ
N7570A  123B      19186/491                   05/81    12/84 WFU DMAFB, AZ
N7573A  123B      19323/526                   04/82    12/84 WFU DMAFB, AZ
N7589A  123B      19339/604                   12/81    08/85 WFU DMAFB, AZ
N7597A  323C      19517/614                   09/82    12/84
N7599A  323C      19519/619                   03/83    12/84
N8416    323C      20088/727                   02/83    12/84

WFU DMAFB: Withdrawn from use at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, for the C-135 reengining program.
SCR: Scrapped at Kingman, AZ

If you wish the history of these aircraft I can provide it later today.


I’m oh for two. Looked at airfleets and rattled my memories of living in or having Mom and Dad in Indy from 1978 until 2006. Never, ever, ever recall seeing a 720 or 707 that belonged to ATA or Ambassadair. Just found out its the sole surviving piece of the Mickleson (?) empire at this point, too.

You have any pictures of the two Ambassadair birds? Any of the 727s too??



Thank you.


Ambassadair still exists - see
They are no longer a membership organization, though.


Correct. I mentioned that above. It’s the only think left George Mikelsons legacy. They don’t own any aircraft. It’s just a “tour” company pretty much.


Now it’s my turn to not notice something! :blush:



Any idea where this was taken?





Gatwick to be precise.


That’s what I thought based on the British Calednonia BAC 1.11 in the left of the picture. They flew to Gatwick and not Heathrow.


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