southwest 737-800?


Southwest is looking into ordering the 737-800 … -our-fleet


ahh this takes me back to my hockey card days…“just two left and then I’ll have the set” (ie 800 & 900)

Be interesting what sort of non stop destinations they would create with the 800’s range. I wonder what **hubs :smiling_imp: ** they’d operate from.


don’t forget the 600. although they can convert some 700 orders to 600, I don’t think they will.

Also, Southwest never operated the 737-100.


And as far as I know, they never ran the -400 either.
But who knows, they might just do it. Once upon a time, they ran a 727 or two.
I’m sure they’d put the -800 on the high-density routes, like PHX-LAX…or PHX to anywhere in California lol… As far the -800’s range, they should be able to run any of their existing routes. SAN-PHL for example wouldn’t be a problem, since DAL and COA run -800’s SAN-New York area nonstop. And so forth…


i forgot about the 400 never being operated.

i have the feeling the 800’s would be used more on routes with lots of pax. they do the 700 transcon now such lax/bwi


:blush: I didn’t think about the 400 or the baby 600…I guess they’re nowhere close to all series! :smiley:


no airline has actually operated all 9 series of the 737. as far as I can tell Continental is the one airline that has operated the most models. it’s operated 7 models (all except 400 and 600).


We used to have an ex Lauda -600 (still in paint) shoot approaches here. I don’t remember the company that operated it but they had a contract with the Navy for training. Seeing the short little 600 got me thinking, and I don’t think there’s ever been a US operator of the 600 has there?


No airline that i know of. EG&G has recently received some 600s. They could be considered an airlien i guess


SWA only has ran the 727-200, They had them for 2 short periods of time under an agreement with Frontier that delt with Frontiers Bankruptcy. As far as the 737’s are concerned, the have only and currently operate the 300’s, 500’s, and 700’s.



SWA only has ran the 727-200, They had them for 2 short periods of time under an agreement with Frontier that delt with Frontiers Bankruptcy. As far as the 737’s are concerned, the have only and currently operate the 300’s, 500’s, and 700’s.



Southwest did operate - in fact, they started with - the 200 series up until a few years ago.

Southwest operated 727-200s twice as stated above.

The first time they leased the 727 was 1979 from Braniff. The single aircraft was returned in early 1980.

The second time was from Peoplexpress, not Frontier. This was 1983-1985. Frontier was not purchased by Peopolexpress until 1985.

N406BN, the first 727 operated by Southwest, was originally a Frontier aircraft but it had been sold to Braniff in 1972, 7 years before it was leased by Southwest.


I stand corrected. I knew about the 200’s I hate to say as the 737-200 is my favorite commercial a/c of all time. They have gotten rid of all but one, and they do not fly it any more (for revenue anyway). and you are correct on the 727. I do not know why I was thinking Frontier.



Quick question… Was it the -700 that AAH ran late in its operations between SNA, OAK, and Hawaii, or was it the -800? If so, I can see SWA bringing back some of the -800s that they would have had from the fall of ATA. Also, I know their -300s aren’t, but I am not sure if their -700s are ETOPS certified. If they aren’t, it may be cheaper to pull ATA’s -800s back into service than pull theirs out for the certification.

I bring this up, because SWA still does have the rights to ATA’s routes, especially to Hawaii. This would give them another good market to open up, especially since UAL, AAL, HAL, and ASA are enjoying the revenue from their routes, that a LCC would love to get into.

Speaking of ASA, as we know that SWA and WJA are terminating their interlining, that doesn’t say anything about SWA and VOI terminating theirs. If they have, the -800s would be great for competing with ASA and their -900s on MMUN service.



Aloha operated 700s
Southwest doesn’t have the “rights” to ATA’s routes. Since deregulation all airlines are allowed to fly any domestic route they want to so there’s no such thing has owning a route.
See … -to-hawaii


Of course.

My point was that most of ATA’s assets were absorbed into SWA when ATA folded. one of the routes they operated was their seasonal run to Hawaii. SWA could accommodate with the -800, or offer up service to Mexico. I’m pretty sure most -800s are ETOPS certified.



ETOPS cetification for the -800 is just as optional as it is on the -700.

WN did not acquire any of ATA’s aircraft.

All they acquired was their operating certificate and their LGA slots.

From what I gather most of ATA’s 737’s were leased and were then returned to the lessors who have presumably leased them to other carriers since then.


Another theory: The UAL-COA merger.

According to the DoJ, the merger creates an overlap on a number of limited routes; specifically, into KEWR. To resolve that, which appears to be the DoJ’s primary concern, UAL-COA ceded those slots and and other assets to SWA.


Justice Dept. Closes Probe Of UAL-Continental Merger
by The Associated Press

August 27, 2010
The Justice Department says it has closed its investigation into the proposed merger of UAL Corp. and Continental Airlines Inc.

Friday’s announcement follows an agreement by United and Continental to transfer takeoff and landing slots and other assets at Newark, N.J., Liberty Airport to Southwest Airlines Co.

The department says the proposed merger would combine largely complementary networks of the two airlines, resulting in overlap on a limited number of routes. The deal with Southwest resolves the Justice Department’s main concerns over competition.

Question now, is what impact will this have on SWA’s regular KISP service, and the slots they picked up at LGA via ATA?



THey’ll keep the LGA flights because they are trying to increase the number of business passengers they fly. I have the feeling they will keep ISP because many of the business men also live on long island


ISP is heavily leisure and I feel it may be in jeopardy or may only retain service to Florida.