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Ask about more site and effect on score ranking

want to ask about site feeder
why does one feeder have many site locations (LCCT2)?
while his position is in one place but can many site locations?
site distance is 0, but he can be at many airport locations? example of his original location in Malaysia but he can have a location in Indonesia? and his location in stat (nearby location is 0).
is this called cheating in order to catch up on score or ranking? I think he is in malaysia but he input location sites in indonesia, its different country
if he does have many stations, the distance of one station to another is not 0

Thanks for the explanation

you can have as many stations as you want. I am running two stations in my home.

So where is the problem? It would be more “faking” if all are combined to “one” receiver.

One reciever but different location,It is ok?

Personally I am not that bothered about the ranking scheme as everyone lives in different parts of the world. Where I am we get around 40 flights each day in total but in Heathrow that’s about half an hour of their total each day. My reward is not just the special membership but in that I am part of a community that provides data that is useful to many people.


Why do you want to limit the number of receivers per location?

I don’t think you understand what I’m asking

I think the problem is that each of the different receivers, although they say the are close to different airfields, are all the same distance from @Nebulizer. You would expect them to be at different distances if the locations of the receivers were really at different sites. All these receivers seem to be co-sited even though they claim to be close to different airfields.

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yeah right, I mean my question like that. Sorry for my english (google translate) :slight_smile:


Ah, got it.

I think the problem is that you can “tweak” your nearest airfield location. Not sure how

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I have not checked my ranking for more than 2 years because I dont give any importance to it.


If I was living in my old house I would probably be near or very close or even top of the rankings. I was around a mile or less from the end of one of the runways at London Heathrow so I would ‘score’ around 1300 flights per day. Fortunately I live on a tropical island and very happy with the 35-40 flights I record for FlightAware each day here in Mauritius. I watch the arrivals on the web -page and then go outside to view the aircraft for real. It is all part of having aviation as a Hobby and not to number one ranked on this service


It’s in the “Cog” menu.
I’m in the East of England and so am equidistant from quite a few airfields.
My feeds are “tagged” to different airfields which helps when tuning the various receivers against each-others statistics.
All my feeds are from a single antenna.

The ranking seems to be based on the number of aircraft reported which gives obviously a bias to the larger airports in the world. If you are going to have a ranking system then perhaps have some sort of weighting put onto say the number of flights in total for that day at the airport and then score on the actual number of flights you recorded. So if KATL had 250 flights in one day and you captured 200 of these flights then you would score 80 i.e. 80% of 100% . That takes some of the percieved unfairness away , however not everybody lives near to an airport so you need to factor in say a ratio based on the distance away from the nearest airport with commercial flights to even that out as well. Finally perhaps some sort of scoring based on number of reported positions and type . Is it harder to get a MLAT position than a normal ADS_B position etc. this is only a suggestion as I am a newbie here but II have seen similar ranking schemes in Virtual Airlines have the same problems for some who consider the scheme to be a bit unfair or they think people are somehow cheating to get a higher rank.
However as I said before Ranking the way it done at present is not a thing I am going to get upset about but however if there are rewards linked to ranking then i would look more into the scheme to see if I was unfairly ranked because of where i live etc.