Definitive Multiple Site info

Starting this thread as various SW rollouts seem to have muddied the waters–never mind I have a few questions.

  1. It seems there is no “good” reason to have more than one site, other than to sit on the leaderboard in the TOP USERS stats tab. Sites DO NOT aggregate, even though you “own” 2 or more, they are separate entities it appears.

Does having multiple sites increase or help MLAT results? Simply because there are potentially 2 sites relatively close (Say <=30 miles) ???

Are there any reasons to have more than 1 site ? (yeah, one REALLY good one, outside of Asheville, NC where you get Mountain heights for your antenna + all the air traffic out of PHL, RDU, CLT, and all the ATL traffic up the east coast) … :slight_smile:

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:+1: :+1::+1: Your arguments make sense.

One of the reasons I have another site is better MLAT. :wink:

are you in a normally “light” area as far as other users/feeders? I have several–a few within a few miles of me even–probably the result of being in a Navy Port City (Jacksonville, FL). I was hoping things would aggregate actually–mostly as my main site is a rooftop antenna, but there’s some blockage to the NE of me (house) so I was going to site another station about 30 miles south at a relative’s house. I’m rethinking that now. Don’t really need the additional MLAT help.