Making my MLAT figures better.

Here is my “local” area.

I’m the piaware south of the planeplotter (red) at Valencia. He’s included in my nearby ADS-B sites but obviously cannot MLAT yet. The other sites are east of me on the coast, west at Albacete, and south at Murcia. Since Murcia only operates about an hour a day he doesn’t figure as part of the MLAT sync much.

So, I generally see I’m synced with two other sites, those either side of me. Why don’t I sync with more? Agreed, I think both sites on Mallorca are off line but why not the site a Tarragona? I see a/c from Murcia all the way up to almost his position. He’s online now, so we should be seeing the same traffic, plus there is a clutch above him and they should see the traffic too. They show good MLAT figures so why no coverage with me? The same goes for those north west near Madrid. I see traffic descending towards them until ~25k near Cuenca. We should all have overlap.

If the answer is signal quality then I’ll try a better antenna and, once my connectors arrive, an amp to try improving.


Have you looked at the adjacent site coverage graphs?
You can see if their coverage is overlapping yours.

If it is not, sent them a message to see if you can coordinate to improve coverage.