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ARTCC sector overlay

Does anyone have an ARTCC sector overlay map for PiAware? I have my radio programmed with nearby (ZAU, ZID and ZKC) ARTCC center frequencies from Radio Reference, but it’s a bit cumbersome to flip back and forth between the plane map and a PDF of a sector map.

This is one of the maps I’m referring to from LiveATC.


I enjoy hearing a pilot pop on one of the frequencies and then based on the alpha tags of the memory channel (ZAU45 for example), I look at the chart to see approximately where they are. If I’m lucky they will end their transmission with airline name and flight number which makes it a lot easier to find on the PiAware map.


Not sure of a custom overlay of an ARTCC sector map. Look here FAA Sectionals as Skyview Map for how to access terminal area charts, sectionals and IFR area/high altitude maps built in to dump1090. Unfortunately these aren’t exactly what you’d need.

For someone so inclined I suppose you could take the ARTCC sector map and overlay it with transparency on the standard map and integrate this to your dump1090 (a bit out of my depth on how this might work).