maps of sectors


I’m trying to find an online map that shows sectors (if that’s the correct name). For example, this flight - … /KCMH/KJFK
shows a flight plan of DJB J29 JHW J70 LVZ LENDY5. I’d like to know where those “sectors” are located.

Anyone know where I can find this?


The flight plan does not list sectors, but are a combination of way points, airways and Std arrivals and departures. The 3 letter codes are VORs (radio navaids) the Jxx are Jetways (predefined routes that connect VORs [note there are also Victor airways (VXX) defined for lower altitudes)

For the Jet ways, look for Enroute charts. Airport proceedures are available in many places, but the best spot is [url=]Right Here at Flightaware!. Each airport has a link to Airport information with relevant proceedures.


Here’s a link that give ARTCC sectors and their frequencies.

This site does not show approach control sectors or frequencies, but you could locate those on a sectional or L chart.

An actual ATC sector map will probably not show up online and they don’t include frequencies.


HERE You’ll need L12, L23, and L24. Good luck. You should be able to go to your local airport and buy them there as well, or HERE


Great links, thanks. :slight_smile:

One more question… what is ROBER?


ROBER is a fix, in this case a reporting point. Pilots would notifiy ATC they are “crossing ROBER”.

See airnav’s ROBER


Given the example shown by the OP, An ERJ-145 on J29 and J70, I’m thinkin’ he’s gonna want H10, H11 and the LENDY5 STAR. Hope you’re not up there in the flight levels using low altitude charts, Lear :wink:

A good, discount source for charts is Vrotate.


Duh. Forgot NOS charts have seperate HI/LO charts. Jepp combines them. My bad. Good catch.


:open_mouth: What Jepp charts are you looking at? I’ve only seen separate Hi and Low charts.

Edit: from the jeppesen website:

Enroute Only High/Low Combination - Contains enroute charts that offer both high and low altitude airway structures. This type of service is available and offered for most of the geographical regions of the world with the exception of the United States and Canada/Alaska.


This map doesn’t show any sectors. The show the area controlled by each center. A sector is a division of the area much like a county is a division of a state.


The following site might be adequate for the needs of the original poster:

He needs to copy the routing info and paste it into the form on the site along with departure and arrival airports


You’re right, in the last 5 years most of my time has been international (Europe and S. America) where, as you said, they combine everything. Next time I’ll respond to post with more then 4 hours sleep :blush: