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ARTCC Zones & Sectors Live Tracker Map

Would be nice to see the ARTCC borders on the live flight tracker map to allow searching for Live ATC communications for the flight.

Interesting…I have the overlay on my old setup, not new:

Ok…so my mind is blown…this does not look like the live map from FlightAware…

This is the Skyaware interface, the locally-generated map provided by PiAware ADS-B receivers. (IIRC those layers are not enabled by default but you can enable them in config.js)

Maybe the OP was talking about the main website maps?

I was OBJ…I’m not quite that sophisticated…

I didn’t RTFM!

My pea-brain automatically resorted to thinking of the Skyaware interface, not the main FA map. I apologize. That would be cool. :slight_smile:

Those base layers (or something functionally equivalent) are actually available on the website maps too - click on the layer-switcher icon in the top right corner of the map:

(you may want to also turn off the weather radar & sunlight earth options when using these base layers)


Ahhh…I found it…you have to select “Click to Change” and more options are presented…

I still need a bit of a primer on this though…how does that relate to the ARTCC map?

I appreciate any assistance…I’m not a pilot but find all this fascinating.

Yesterday, I tracked a flight and was able to keep up with the pilot communications using LiveATC and punching in the new frequency codes he received from ATC as he moved from section to section. I lost him during one of the transitions and tried to find him using the ARTCC frequencies for the area I thought he was flying (LiveATC lets you search by ARTCC code) and was referencing the attached map compared to the Live map on Flight Aware to do that. It was an interesting exercise and I was just looking for ways to improve my little rinky dink process.

Again, appreciate any assistance you guys are willing to offer.

Here’s how the options for changing your layout relates to the ARTCC map you have below. The default FlightAware layout, the Earth view layout, nor any of the satellite or terrain layouts will show you any of the ARTCC boundaries. The sectional doesn’t show it either. To find the boundaries you’d have to use the Low or High En Route maps, and look for the boundaries.

For example, search for any flight going into or out of KOKC (Oklahoma City), and center your map to where OKC is. Then change the layout to either IFR High En Route or IFR Low En Route. Slightly to the north of it, you should see a line or boundary that looks similar to a fence. The writing on that on top of it should say “Kansas City”, while the writing on the bottom of it says “Fort Worth”. That is the ARTCC boundary between the ZKC and ZFW ARTCCs. That should also match that map that you posted as well.

Again, the sectionals may not show that (they are mainly going to show the highways and VFR-based pointouts crossed with Victor Airways for that section of space in question), so you’ll have to rely on the en route maps to find those boundaries.


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Outstanding TYketto…thanks for taking the time to explain that