Arrival Times

The Actual/Estimated arrival time on a C750 flight from Miami to Teterboro shows 3:18 PM several hours after the flight arrived for a duration of 1h 59m. The live track log shows an arrival of 3:36. Which is the real time the flight touched down? Thanks. Tom … /KMIA/KTEB

My best guess on this is that the 3:18 time is when the flight was transferred from area ( enroute ) to local ( tower ) controller. The 3:36 is the actual wheels down time.

edit: link to history rather than live SWQ147

lancasterperch got it. We received an arrival message stating the aircraft arrived at 3:18, which is probably the time of the handoff from center to approach or tower; this is of course a bit early, but not uncommon. As you noted in the tracklog, the aircraft was still doing 300 knots at 9000 feet at 3:18, so the actual wheels down time was probably closer to 3:36.

Thanks for the help guys! I thought the CX was faster than that. I heard it cruises near mach .90. Regards, Tom

The book says .92 but God or the guy paying for the fuel might say something else.

Going to TEB they could’ve been given a speed restriction by ATC when heading into the NE corridor…Or they might have had it pulled back a little to save fuel…However, after looking at the winds aloft, they experienced a direct crosswind on average throughout the trip. So looking at the ground speeds which therefore would’ve been close enough to their true airspeeds, they were still cruising in the M.88 neighborhood.

I seem to be having a problem of most of the flights arriving 10 to 15 minutes earlier then then the Actual/Estimated arrival time. One example would be.

Airport: Billings, Montana (KBIL)
Date: 11/15/07
UAL579 Denver to Billings

Real time: 12:27 pm
Actual/Estimated arrival time: 12:46
19 minutes left - 77 miles to go

Real time: 12:34 pm
Wheels down
11 minutes left - 18 miles to go

Real time 12:42
4 minutes left - 0 miles to go

Real time: 12:43
Actual/Estimated arrival time: 12:37
Arrived 6 minutes ago

How can you have 4 minutes left in the flight and 0 miles to go?
I read that there is a 6 minute delay in the data. Does this apply to the Actual/Estimated arrival time only or does it apply to minutes left and miles to go also?
Thanks for your help.