Area 51 is now an airport

Not sure how long it has been, but Area 51 is an airport. It is called Homey (after Homer Simpson?) Airport, code KXTA. Supposedly it is Private, no fee. I guess death isn’t a fee? I looked up tracking for KXTA, but it says it is invalid. Any plans to fix that?

Xtra Terrestrial Airport

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I bet that is what it stands for.

K4ET must be taken.

I don’t think it has an FAA LID assigned, so it’s not in the NASR database.


You don’t know how close you are. This was posted on the Air Force Times, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal roughly 2 years ago. Enjoy.


Area 51 designated with a new name

By Philip Ewing - Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Jan 23, 2008 13:52:55 EST

The Air Force’s classified test range at Groom Lake, Nev., has never lacked for evocative nicknames - it and its restricted airspace have been called Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, The Box and, most famously, Area 51. Now there’s a less romantic moniker to throw on the pile: “Homey Airport,” according to a few civilian aviation journals.

“Homey Airport” now appears as the official name for a certain air base near a certain dry lake bed in Nevada, according to reports in the Web site of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, as well as the Daily Aviator blog and others. New editions of flight planning software and civilian aviators’ GPS gear lists the name and the official designation “KXTA” - which online wags have speculated stands for “extraterrestrial airport.” (The “k” designation indicates only that the field is in the U.S., according to the Federal Aviation Administration.)

Capt. Jessica Martin, a spokeswoman for Nellis Air Force Base, which sits 85 miles south of Homey Airport and is responsible for the airspace and any ground facilities, said that “we already know about the designation, but it doesn’t have any effect on operations at the base.”

Martin said she didn’t know the origin of the name “Homey Airport.”

Featured in movies, TV shows and video games, Area 51 is likely the most famous top-secret facility in the world and a favorite component of UFO and military conspiracy theories.

The Department of Defense didn’t even acknowledge the base existed until 1994, when former base employees sued the government and claimed they’d been poisoned by hazardous materials used at the base for research into stealth technology.

Although the base and its work have long been highly classified, many of the aircraft tested there through the years are publicly familiar: the U2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes and the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter all flew first off the long runways and dry lakebeds at Groom Lake.

Some enthusiasts believe that work continues there today on advanced aircraft - including unmanned aerial vehicles, high-speed reconnaissance craft and even high-altitude blimps - though alien conspiracy buffs also speculate that Area 51’s high profile has forced officials to move much of the top-secret stuff to the Army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.

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Anyone wanna try landing there and see what happens? I don’t have a license, so I can’t.

Not in NASR so we don’t have info for the Overview tab.

No flights there, so we don’t have any flight activity to display.

Is there an FBO to call for fuel prices? :slight_smile:

Wasn’t 14/32 4.5 miles long at some point?

Probably still is, but is only paved for 12,000 feet, the rest extends out onto the lakebed. Much like Edwards AFB.

From what I gather, 14/32 used to extend the entire paved portion visible on google maps (long) for the SR-71 development, and is no longer used for its full length onto the salt flat, even though it is paved. Yellow X’s are clearly marked in the google maps pictures, although it’d almost have to be used as a taxiway servicing the lakebed runways. Who knows? Not anyone that can talk about it. :laughing:

I think the full length of 14/32 is and has been paved for some time now. … =en&tab=wl

I bet we’re all going to jail for this thread, aren’t we?

Only CFIJAMES for giving the secret info 8)

However, the rest of us will be visited by Jay and Kay who will use their neuralyzer on us.

Good thing I saw this post the second time I looked at it. I was about to make a comment about Edwards.
The one at Edwards is more than 39,000 ft. :open_mouth:

But I’ve read that it is considered more than 1 RW because of it’s length and width. There is a “Left” a “Center” and a “Right”

The one at Groom Lake is still just 1 runway regardless of the length.

Wikipedia confirms your thoughts.