707 airborne from "Area 51"




Tonopah (TNX) and Groom Lake (“Area 51”) are two distinct, different airfields.


Now you can see why it was at Tonopah
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Yes they are, but flights to Groom Lake file to/from TNX, or at least that’s where they “disappear” from the track.



Those JANET flights don’t just fly to Groom, they fly to TNX as well. But you are right, some of those probably did end up at that non-existent base in the desert. :wink:


I’ve been to Area 51 - it doesn’t exist. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


This 707, which is nicknamed “Paul Revere”, is an experimental Command and Control aircraft based at Hanscom Field, Bedford, MA. It is operated by a joint team comprised of Air Force and researchers from MIT Lincoln Labs. The aircraft is tasked with finding new and better ways to gather and disseminate battlefield information to commanders and troops on the ground.


I was number 3 waiting for departure out of KBED one day when that airplane “landed.” It was one of the worst landings of a large airplane I’ve ever seen. He bounced at least twice, even after the spoilers extended. The next guy to be cleared for takeoff acknowledged the clearance and added “that guy’s current now, huh!”


Those guys never have to worry about landings because “THE FORCE” is with them.