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Anyone working with the new x86 Raspbian


Had my pi online since November. But what to do with old PC hardware? Brought x86 Raspbian up on old Pc yesterday and it works great. Thinking next step is to download ADSB. Anyone else trying it?

PiAware on Ubuntu 18.10

Raspbian is for Raspberry Pi.
x86 PCs just run Debian.

Flightaware stuff is no available in packages for x86 i believe so you will have to build from source.
There are some threads floating around by @abcd567 about the topic.

You can try an automatic script for building (https://github.com/jprochazka/adsb-receiver)

Or you can build piaware and dump1090-fa yourself after getting them from github.

The rtl-sdr library should be available in the debian repository.


Thx. Not a Linux guy at all. But this seems like a great project for a retired person. Debian already running seems like a mighty solid platform for dmp1090-fa. Just thinking how cool it would be to open up adsb FA feedback from every old PC on the globe. Spitballing here.


RPi is much lower power.

Also you overestimate the number of people willing to invest time in getting linux to work on an old computer. (On top of that compiling the stuff)

Try the adsb-receiver project if you don’t know what to do with the computer.

It’s not more complicated than installing a package.


Fully agree :+1: :+1: :+1:

Run Piaware from Win/Mac Laptop/Desktop - Absolutely No Software Installed on Hard Drive

Scroll down to:
(B) Installation of Decoder and Data feeders on USB Flash Memory Stick

(1) Above is for flash memory stick, but shows that I used adsb-project script, as recommended by @wiedehopf

(2) Workaround showed were valid at that time. By now these bugs are most likely removed and workarounds are no more required


Great feedback. The new x86 pre-release from the Foundation (ask for link) is as simple as flashing the ISO download to a USB and then tweaking the BIOS boot order. To have USB before hard drive. Took a couple of hours yesterday and booted it up. Others have reported hardwired and USB WiFi dongles worked great. My Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse worked fine. If I could ensure my USB antenna works, it doesn’t feel like I’m too far from using my scrap as an ADSB data transmitter to FA. Any thoughts to add to your previous message?


ASKING :slight_smile:


Well there is a Debian version with Pixel on their website, Raspberry Pi Desktop.


Oh ok didn’t know that.
Anyway Raspbian is ARM with kernel hacks for me :slight_smile:



I knew it, was just joking :slight_smile:

The latest version is here:


Links for older versions are given in this post:


Today I downloaded latest Raspbian x86 image (https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspberry-pi-desktop/).

I then wrote it to USB flash using Win32DiskImager on my Windows desktop, then restarted Desktop.

At start, pressed F12 to bring Boot Menu, chose Hard Drive, chose USB mass storage device and pressed Enter key.

At start of Raspbian, chose “Run with Persistance”.

After setting language, keyboard, country, timezone etc, tried to install dump1090-fa using jprochazka’s adsb-receiver project script.

The script tried, but failed to build bladeRF, and then due to abscence of bladeRF failed to install dump1090-fa.

This problem is persisting sunce last over 3 months. I have posted a workaround on github 2 months ago. Will try it tomorrow.

Issue #473: Workaround to build .deb package of dump1090-fa 3.6.3 Without bladeRF, on armhf & amd64



Bravo! Can’t wait for your tomorrow.



Sorry, I am away from home, cannot try earlier than tomorrow.

Meanwhile you can try to install without any workaround. If it fails to install dump1090-fa, then try the workaround I have posted at GitHub.

JProchazka’s adsb-receiver script:

Do not type these commands to avoid typing mistakes. Instead COPY these from here, and PASTE in terminal of Raspbian X86

sudo apt-get install git   

git clone https://github.com/jprochazka/adsb-receiver.git   

cd  adsb-receiver   


You will be offered

  • dump1090-mutability
  • dump1090-fa
  • dump1090-hptoa

Use arrow keys to bring cursor to dump1090-fa, then press Spacebar to select it.

You will be offered many other things. Say NO to all other things.


What exactly do you call an USB antenna?

You need a rtl-sdr compatible DVB-T dongle.


Sadly my skills at 71 are too weak to move forward alone. If it were assembler, or FORTRAN, or C, then I would help lead this. Now, just able to follow, encourage, and cheer. And be a tester and do QA and promote success.


You can achive your target in a much easier way.

Use J Prochazka’s script, but do not choose dump1090-fa. Instead choose dump1090-mutability.

The mutability version does NOT require bladeRF and will be installed without any problem by JProchazka’s script (please see my last post above).

After installing dump1090-mutability, you will need this simple work around:

Workaround (AFTER installation of dump1090-mutability v1.15~dev):

The first line of code below is very long and it’s right half is not directly visible.

Please scroll right to see it, COPY IT IN FULL, and paste in terminal window of Raspbian X86.

sudo wget -O  /etc/udev/rules.d/rtl-sdr.rules "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/osmocom/rtl-sdr/master/rtl-sdr.rules"    

sudo reboot    


The antenna FA included in the free pi kit. Usb on one end; antenna on the other end. Didn’t load dmp1090-FA, so didn’t determine if the antenna was ‘seen’ by the app. Assuming it will work.


I’m confused you have a RPI running but would rather have it running on the old x86 computer? :slight_smile:


Weird, eh? I need tech projects. Former FA employee before retirement. The pi was cool project. As old PC hack, thinking Raspbian on x86 finally spans the Unix/PC gap for me. Side benefit is that when it works, we may find as many PC hobbyists as FA has found pi hobbyists.Let’s just wait and see.



Did you install dump1090-mutability on Raspbian X86 using JProchazka’s adsb-receiver script? The script install it without any problem.

sudo apt-get install git   

git clone https://github.com/jprochazka/adsb-receiver.git   

cd adsb-receiver