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Anyone tried the NooElec 9dBi antenna?

Whew, it’s been a long year but I’ve finally got time to pull down my antenna platform for a much needed service and was browsing Amazon for some parts when I came upon this…

9dBi? 5’6"/167cm? It’s not on NooElec’s web site. Anyone tried it?

Looking on the sticket and the socket, it looks like it says “7 dBi”

It’s the same socket like this one which pops up in the suggestions:

I would rely more on the Vinnant device, hand made by an enthusiast:

Yeah I have a question in to NooElec about the picture not matching the description and to make sure they really mean 9dBi and 66in and not 66cm.

I made my current ones and they clock in around 7dBi. I just saw this one and if it’s real at 9dBi, I thought I might give it a shot.

The question would be what these 2 dB really mean and if it makes the difference.
I do have a Jetvision with 5dBi compared to a home made 3dBI with no visual difference. (In this case home made doesn’t mean by me, i do not have these skills and tools).

But there might be environments where every single dBi counts

66in would mean around 1,70m. Would be the largest one i’ve seen so far.
Not unlikely as the Piromoni antenna with 1,20m rates at 8.5dBi.

That’s the same size advertised for the Vinnant with 7.5dBi. Wonder what makes that difference.

ADS-B 1090 MHz Antenna (1.2m, 8.5dBi) – Pimoroni.

Well, the NooElec does come with a 10m RG-58 N<>SMA cable :wink:
Anyway, It’s a long weekend in the US so it’ll probably be at least Wednesday before NooElec gets back to me.

RG-58 Cable has a lot of loss even at that distance.
Check the info on this site, if you are able try to get a better cable :wink:

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It was a joke. :slight_smile:
My refit will include LMR400


That’s the spirit :grin: I have that as well in combination with the Vinnant antenna and it works like a charm :wink:

How about using this one? :grin: :wink:


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I wonder if they make an SMA connector for that stuff. I could take a trip up to lookout mountain and maybe “borrow” enough from the broadcast, cell, or ham towers to make 5 30’ runs. It’s not exactly flexible though so I’d have to cut 5 holes in my deck for it to dangle through as I lowered my mounting platform. Then I’d need to install a 2 ton winch to get the platform back up again.


Couple of years ago, forum member @PeterFairlie has made a very successful CoCo antenna using Heliax LDF1-50


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Another antenna from China, stating 10dBi with a length of 170 cm


Well it’s about time the Chinese made a knock-off of my antenna. That’s flipping hilarious … Thanks for sharing !

How have you been? Are you still living out at Square One?

I am fine, how are you?
Lately busy with family matters. Can not devote time like before for this useless & stupid (my wife’s opinion :wink:) hobby.

Yes same place, at about 10 kms crows flight from your place (if you are still living there).


Got a response from NooElec that the antennas are indeed theirs, are 9dBi and are Amazon-only items. I ordered one to test.