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Can someone in Switzerland or area help with hardware?



I’m in the Zurich region and I’m looking to set up an ADS-B station. I’m looking specifically for where I could source an outdoor ADS-B antenna, and possibly some LMR-600 cable. I can find the cable here but it is horrendously expensive (more than 5x what it costs in Canada), but I am at an absolute loss as to where to get the antenna, short of ordering it directly from the States.

I was hoping maybe some of the other ADS-B operators in Switzerland or around Germany might be able to help with some details so I can put this project together.

Thanks very much!


Just use standard RG-6 cable for Satellite-TV. Even the cheapest one (double shielded, 90dB) will do the job. Price/value unbeatable.

And if you already have the cable: Build your own Collinear Antenna. One hour of work, same (or even better results) than a 200.- € antenna.




If you want to buy an antenna, do a search on ebay.com for ads-b antenna - there are fabricators in Slovakia and Bulgaria who make an ship for well under $100.

Before you do this check that you do have a great location to erect your antenna with no cellphone tower nearby (200-300m)


Thank you for the suggestions. I did not realize that an ADS-B antenna is so easy to make, so I will try making one first and see how that goes.