Anyone have a good source for a 5V 2A PS ?


Amazon everyone I went to order you wound up paying nearly 30 bucks because shipping/handling were way more than the PS itself.


There are quite a few with no shipping charges. You might search for USB power supply. Here’s one:®-External-Power-Supply-1-35mm/dp/B00KE60MOO/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1420692467&sr=1-10&keywords=usb+power+supply+2a

I don’t recall where I got mine. It might have been eBay instead of amazon.


Apparently, I don’t know how to post URLs here.


I think this Is the one that came with mine.

So far for 30 days it seems to be working ok.



My family bought me a different kit that comes with a .3a supply. I tried to order the canakit but the shipping and handling came to 17.50 … YIKES.


Thanks, ordered that one. … 6 bucks taint bad. I dont get it till 10 or 14 days but can wait :slight_smile:

Fixed your link. Leave the HTTP:// part off.


I don’t think the one in this particular link fits the RPi B+


Depending on where you are but in Australia $12 for a 5v 2A … berry-pi-b


I don’t use a 5V power supply as such, I have one of these

I have a 15v supply that runs the antenna amp and it also powers this to run the PI.

I’t’s been wonderfully stable for the last year or so.


Your right. Attempting to cancel.

Would like to order the canakit one but with 17.50 in shipping handling that makes it 25 bucks … Holy Cow


?? on 17.50 shipping - Are you checking expedited shipping? I checked and it was 8.31 to Sacramento. just curious


Nope standard long term shipping. And Im closer to BC than you :frowning:. Also Im just down the road from Amazon yet they still want a ton for shipping.

Think they are making up in Shipping and Handling for low price.


Check the connector. Make sure the one you order has the connector you want. If it doesn’t, cancel the order while you can if it hasn’t shipped yet. You probably want one with a micro USB connector unless you have or want to make your own adapter.


What 15v power supply do you have?


You can try any micro usb cell phone charger down to 1A and see how well it works while you wait for your 2A charger to arrive. PiAware needs a bit less than 1A to run but most people suggest extra power to not be so close to the edge of the power requirements.

1A Power chargers are able to supply around 5V at lower power but as they get closer to their max power rating the voltage will drop. Once you get close to 1A the voltage will drop to less than 4.8V and bad things start to happen. The mostly likely case is that your 1A power supply will be enough. The second most likely case is that you will see the raspberry PI reset randomly from not enough power.

A 1.4A or greater power supply will never run into power problems.



It happens to be one from an old BT home hub, but any with a smoothed regulated output would do - maybe one from a modem.

The unit runs cool so is not lossey, 15v @ 1/3A will give almost 5V @ 1A (the antenna amp is 12v to 18v, that also matches the capabilities of the regulator.


A number of sources –, 5V 2A for $8, 5V 2A for $6, 5 and 5.25 VDC supplies at 1, 2, 3, 5 amps

(5.25VDC is within the USB spec and helps recover from the IR drop due to cheap USB cables)

Also of interest at Pololu are their buck/boost 5VDC switching converters – This is the one I use with Raspberry Pi systems. It takes a wide input range (3 - 30 VDC) and puts out a clean 5 VDC. Yes, it’s $15, but one of these will clean up a world of power issues.



Here is my favorite Power Supply for the Pi:

It is the Kootek 5V 2A Universal Micro USB Charger Adapter Power Supply. Works great, and fits the specifications for the Pi: 5V, 2A.


Anyone in Canada you might want to make a note of this deal at Princess Auto!

Blackberry 1.8 amp charger only $2.99 Canadian ($2.50 USD) … -p8566861e

Attributes & Specifications
Input Voltage 120 V
Output Voltage 5 V DC
Current Rating 1.8 A
Brand Name Blackberry


My Kootek branded power supply failed after ~50 days.