Recommendation for power supply. Pi.

I’ve set up a Piaware station and using an exterior home outlet to power my pi. The power supplies I use are 2.1 amp and are great but not very robust for outside use. I’ve burned through 2 already. Can anyone recommend one that can handle some exterior use?

I’ve set my Pi up in a PVC box purchased from Home Depot and I’m awaiting 2 stuffing tubes for watertight sealing. I still need to glue in some stand offs for the Pi but have a nice mount for the filter. Once I get it mounted I’ll mount the box to the wall or fence or something.

But the power supply thing is killing me.

… these are very good built:

Are you sure the power supply is burning due to outdoor use? May be it is burning because of overload due to it’s insufficient capacity (2.1 Amps).

It may also happen that the power adapter is of cheap quality and gets overheated even when load is within its claimed capacity on the label.

The supplier of my RPI Model 2 recommended and supplied a 3 Amps (3000 mA) power supply. It is working great since I purchased “RPI model 2 + power supply + case” combo 7 months ago.

I have one of these and it works very well.

To be fair, I’ve only used it indoors (and it’s only rated for indoor use) but it runs cool and stable when powering a Pi2 and NooElec radio receiver. It might work well outside if it’s kept in the waterproof box and you use an extension cord to connect to the power outlet.

I will second this runs a Raspberry Pi 2 overclocked to the RP2 setting with a USB keyboard, mouse, wireless network adapter, and NooElec RTL-SDR receiver with no other external power needed. I Had it outside for a couple weeks on a test set up ran good. However I would defiantly keep it dry to be safe just like any electrical device.