Poor Performance with PoE

Hello everyone, i’ve been having issues with my Raspberry Pi running Piaware. Whenever I have it plugged in via USB as the power source I see about twice as many planes as I would when it’s powered from a PoE hat for the Pi. I am trying to run it entirely off of PoE as the power source, but I’m seeing significantly less planes whenever I do.

I am running this hat:

and this power supply:

All other functions of the raspberry pi seem to be performing just fine. Any idea why running from PoE would degrade my performance so much? Is it not supplying enough current for the SDR stick?


Have a look at this thread. It may help:

Remote power for Pi

iirc the dongle needs 500mA, a rPi 3 800mA, the hat has a Max of 1300mA, so you are already close to the limit.

Most power supplies für the Pi deliver 2000mA, the official one vor the rPI 3 Even 2500, at 5.1 V.

Maybe you could try turning off unused internal connecters via raspi config, it saves a few mA, but not much.

I have several RPIs, a radarcape and an Odroid XU4 powered by POE.


For an Odroid XU4 I needed more power so went for this one

The Radarcape and Odroid live in the attic and are connected to the basement by 150ft of Cat5e STP.
I received a regular 150ft cat5e UTP last week. I want to move a basement RPI into the attic in the next few weeks. Long term I want to put power in the attic and run more devices from a POE switch in the attic.

These devices have been running for a year with no issues.
Having an abundance of power and quality of equipment is the key to reliability.

Thank you for your help guys! I upgraded to a PoE splitter capable of 2.4a and everything is working great! Returning the PoE hat to Amazon, good thing their return process is painless!

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