Anyone from Vermont or BTV


Is there anyone from Vermont or have BTV as a home airport, or ever fly to BTV?


Good to see this as its own topic.

My answer, however, is “no”. :wink:


You sould fly up here to Snowboard… (Or Ski) :wink: some of the best rides are at Jay Peak (Rip it hardcore there).


Not wanting to promote one part of the country over another, I’ve skied (or snowboarded just a bit) in CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO, and PA. But perhaps the best area I’ve ever tried is Flims, Switzerland.

Check it out:
Map of the ski runs: … om0506.pdf


Oh i hear that I have been to Big Bear Mountain, One of the best places I have ever been. I was say about Jay Peak being the best in the state. The most freash powder in the state and the least amount of man made snow. But it doesn’t compair to Big Bear. :smiley:


Is the scenery nice in vt, Ive been to nh and me, but havent made it over to vt YET. Hows the skiing, ive only skiied in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada!


Hey there,
Yep, flown into BTV more times than I have fingers and toes…can be quite a ride!! :open_mouth:


Really why did you fly there so much? Good views of downtown Burlington and the lake.


It could be that he was being punished for something. (That’s a joke, son.) (What famous cartoon character says that?)


YOSEMITE SAM!!! But whats up here to be punished? Unless he was here when Hippy bands play on the streets :angry: . But Phish is a good band.


Both good theories, but no. I’m actually at YUL, but since I’m an American in marital imposed exile, BTV is my airport of choice. AC’s fares are rediculous and getting in and out of YUL can be an exercise in frustration. You are correct though, on a clear day the approach (and departure for that matter) are spectacular. The views of the Green Mountains are something everyone should expierence!

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I have been to Montreal a lot and I like the city but the sports teams nope. I also find a lot (not all) people up there are rood :angry: But yes the view of the Green Mountains are great. We took off from the north on an erj-145 and i was on the left side, the sun was an early morning sun so when it was on the mountain I couldn’t stop looking at all the highlighted spots on it. :smiley: I have never seen them in the winter though. :frowning:


You mean sports team? The Canadiens are the only game in town left. That is unless you count the CFL Alouettes football, which I don’t. Call me sentimental, but the CFL is just not the NFL, or even NC deuce A. God I miss it…

And yes, your observation of rudeness is correct. It’s funny that the majority of Canadians in other Provinces are for the most part are pretty friendly types, but here in Quebec, sheesh. There are exceptions of course, just don’t drive!


I have to drive there i can’t fly. I like the Bruins :wink: CFL is ok but your right not NFL. Montreal GOOD EATING :smiley: Casino oaky. I want to spot up there up with the gas I better have something else to do. Whats going on with the Olympic Center??? I loved the Expos. Do you live in the city or just outside or what??? I live in St. Albans well Georgia but St Albens in better known.



Foghorn Leghorn.


The Olympic Park? Well, it’s growing a fine mold and it’s future is in serious doubt. The smart money at the Casino says that it probably doesn’t have five years left in it. It just doesn’t seat well, the rows are too flat to really get a good view at a football game, or even a baseball game, which in part contributed to the low attendance at the Expo’s games.

Yes, the chow here is great, as evidenced by my growing waist line. And yes, I’m in the city itself - the NDG borough if you’re familliar.


The prize goes to jreeves for correctly answering the question.
Tell him what he has won, Bill.
A night in BTV! :open_mouth:


Oh yes, St.Albans! I was married in St. Albans, great town, VERY New Englandy.


Foghorn, an American institution…We need more like him.


Some parts of St Albans are nice then others are not (but that’s in every town) Have you ever been to the maple fest? Good sugar on snow. So what do I win? :laughing: