eugene oregon airport (KEUG)


is there anybody which there home airport is eugene??


Yes :slight_smile:


what do you fly>?


i know this is about eugene but is there anyone who’s home airport is BTV or somewhere in Vermont?


That’s called “hijacking” a topic, nitro. It’s considered poor form. Besides, readers in New England may decide to skip the topic so they may never see your msg. It’s a better idea to start your own topic and get the reader attention you deserve.


You mean desire? :wink:

As tobyz1 said, though, poor internet etiquette.




Hello, I’m an air traffic controller at the Eugene airport. If any of you have any questions please feel free to ask! :smiley:


oh cool! I’m a virtual Seattle ARTCC controller, and am known to camp out as Cascade Approach if P80 and S46 as well as Center are covered. :slight_smile:


Well I talk to ZSE (Seattle Center) every day. Mainly sectors 6/36/10 and 30. Are you a pilot? Have you been on a tour yet?