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Anybody see a 737-800 go this far?

flightaware.com/live/flight/N804 … /PHKO/KMSP

Interesting :open_mouth:


Judging from the flight number, it’s a ferryflight. That significantly improve the range…

Yeah, must be a ferry.

Could be a ferry, too…

It’s a ferry. Sun Country use some Transavia aircraft in the winter season, and this one is heading back home.

Insane but definitely a ferry


Here is a flight that’s pushing the 738 limits…Could go another 2,000 if needed.

What is that plane moving?

It’s a new aircraft that was picked up at the factory. They have taken delivery of 4 new 737-800’s in the last several months, as seen by the other three flights on the “SAS9145” link.