Flyglobespan Orlando-Glasgow non-stop, ON A 738?



It might be possible if the aircraft is being ferried from Orlando to Glasgow. The 737-800 has a pretty decent range. If it’s flying empty, then it can fly further, especially on an eastbound flight due to the tailwinds it will have.


Certainly stretching the legs, but they have the winds generally with them and may not take much cargo beyond passenger bags.


I doubt it would be a ferry flight b/c flyglobspan do fly to SFB. Could it be done with pax on board?


Flight distance is only 4104 nm and it has a tailwind. With a light load I’d say it’s probably doable.

Also, follow the flight if you can. It might end up diverting to Gander of Keflavik for fuel if the Fuel Computer tells them to.


With very few passengers.

There could be any number of reasons why the aircraft would be ferried back to Glasgow. There could be a part broken on the aircraft that would still allow the aircraft to be ferried but without passengers. The aircraft could have been involved in a series of charters that is now over and they are returning empty because there are no passengers.


4104 sm, but only 3566 nm.

Payload/range diagram shows the basic 737-800 can make ~3500nm with ~8k lb crew+payload; winglets let them carry about another 5k lbs.


I took a look at the FlyGlobespan’s Orlando schedule. The scheduled flight is actually GSM726. The flight is operated with 737-800, 757, and 767 aircraft. Normally, the 737-800 routes via Hamilton, Ontario. Today there are two flights (a 767 and the 737 you originally posted).

My theory is that the 737 was inoperative for some reason and so they ferried it back to Glasgow.


Strong tail wind tonight.

currently, forcast 160kt at FL360 from Nova Scotia out to Mid-Atlantic.

At takeoff the forcast was 150kt at FL310